Certified Professional Doula since 2007

Doula experience:

Non-judgmental prenatal and Labor Support with or without epidural.

Full-service support, including childbirth classes, Reiki, VBAC birth plans, and experienced back-up team.

C-section rate under 5%

Schedule your prenatal today! 

NYC & Westchester birthing mothers deserve individualized AFFORDABLE doula care. As a professional Doula  I have provided all birthing mothers with dedicated care and attention prenatally as well as during their labor and birth. Whether you are VBACing or having your eighth baby I will help you birth YOUR WAY. See what my client's have said.

My proven track-record over the last 10 yrs has beaten the national c-section rate of 33% (60% reported by medical professionals), within my practice over 10 years is under 5%. Securing me as your Doula in New York will decrease your chances of being a statistic.

Bringing New Souls Into The World Peacefully

​​​Doula In New York, NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, & Westchester 

She is the best of the best, plain and simple.
​                                     - Niki S, (Doula Lauren)

Quality and Experience
you can afford.

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Guaranteed back-up Doulas included with each package.

  • Doula Support (Birth)
  • Childbirth Classes
  • Breastfeeding Support & Classes
  • ​Reiki Classes and Relaxation
    ​for birth, prenatal and postpartum care. 

Doula In New York

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Doula Lauren is the best! I was a true skeptic; a non believer; and it is NOT easy to change my mind. However, her work spoke for itself and she completely changed my mind.

                                                  - Charles Pizzolo

She is beyond worth it!
 - Rachelle W 
If you are pregnant hire her. Hire her now!
                               - Rachel E. 

​​10 years of  birth doula experience

More than 130 births  - Specializing in hospital births

Doula customer in New York, NY

It’s hard to find an experienced doula that knows what she is doing. Lauren is one such doula and this job truly is her calling. She is professional, punctual, super responsive, has a lot of experience to offer, always looks out for what the mom wants to happen with her labor and birth, and she is reliable. If you just want someone to hold your hand and tell you nice words like “you can do it, you are amazing”, then you can get any doula or hope your birth partner can offer that. But if you want to make sure you have the highest chances of a safe, vaginal birth at a hospital with minimal interventions (and if any are needed only those that are truly in tune with your situation are administered) – then you want Doula Lauren.   -- Donika 

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