Certified Professional Doula since 2007

Lauren is truly passionate about her job, remains on top of  scientific studies, and has the intelligence to make you feel confident in her hands. – Jen

Lauren gave me the confidence, strength and guidance I needed to successfully have my VBAC.  She was a calm pillar of support for both my husband and me during labor and thanks to her, I will forever hold the most wonderful memory of my daughter's birth. – Marsha

As a first time mama I can't even formulate words describing how extremely supportive, resourceful and empathetic Lauren was during this rough patch in my pregnancy. She was everything that EVERY expecting mother needs, high risk pregnancy or not.- Tahniesha

"Integrity Builds Trust"

She helped me feel safe, supported, she gave me all the facts without any prejudice or judgment, her coping skills were my pain drugs, and when I thought I couldn't do it, she gave me the confidence & support i needed to push on. Elizabeth

"Securing me as your Doula in New York will decrease your chances of being a statistic.​"

With her calm and experienced manner, she led me through the hours of my early labor.  And when she arrived at my home, she became my birthing partner.  We two women together did numerous laboring techniques from her class -- while holding hands, both propped over a birthing ball, my arms draped over her shoulders. She fed me, she came into the restroom with me, she held my hair back while I vomited.  Most of all, she encouraged me and urged me onward with the calm but firm words she knew I needed to hear. Even in the throes of intense laboring and pushing, Lauren’s calm words in my ears brought me to a mental state that allowed me to complete a relatively quick and easy delivery. – Viravyne

Doula Lauren has a long-standing successful record of working with families from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This includes all definitions of families. Whether you are: Single parents, Same Sex parents, HIV+ parents, Orthodox Jewish parents, Doula Lauren will provide you with the best evidence and standards of care to achieve a beautiful safe birth. 

I found her to have a calming effect on me. She was positive and optimistic. I will never forget her words, "your body is perfect". She was also very responsive and I could tell she was going to give me 100% of her attention when I needed it. That is why I chose Lauren. I could not have gone through labor without her. Her guidance  and encouragement helped me get through an unmedicated labor, most of which was spent at home. Her role was instrumental in my delivery. My family and I will always be grateful to her.- Kathy

"An experienced knowledgeable Doula and Educator will bring you beyond any research you can do that you spend hours and hours and months doing on your own.   I can explain the pitfalls. I have seen it. The reality is that I’ve seen many things over the last 11 years. I’ve seen women pushed into procedures because it’s policy and the politics of the hospital system rather than what the evidence provides. This is beyond the checklist of a birth-plan. I’m going to teach you to advocate for yourselves and navigate the hospital and challenging system as it is now, while helping you to cultivate a good relationship with your chosen practitioner.

My proven track-record since 2007 has beaten the national c-section rate of 33% (60% reported by medical professionals.) Within my practice over 10 years, is under 5%. Securing me as your Doula in New York will decrease your chances of being a statistic.​"

      - Doula Lauren

The research from the NIH (National Institute for Health) shows that having a skilled Doula not simply the desire for vaginal birth, "empowers a laboring mother to communicate her needs and perceptions and actualize her dream of a healthy, positive birth experience"

Why risk this day to an unskilled Doula when you can be assured of high-quality services designed to promote the best outcomes for mother and baby from a skilled experienced Doula?

In this current climate where the c-section rate is nearing 60% you only get one chance to get it right.

  • over 10 years experience
  • c-section rate under 5%
  • vbac success rate 99%

​Call today! 917-617-7905 to discuss your individual needs. I accept payment plans, credit cards and I have an NPI which allows you to submit your receipts for insurance reimbursement. Doula services are not only a vital role in a better birth, but they are affordable. Ask me and I'll show you how you CAN afford the experience you deserve.

Lauren has a very calm way about her and we connected so easily, I knew she was the right person to join our "team".  Lauren was extremely helpful during the entire process and is very knowledgable.  I didn't have to think about anything other than getting through each contraction. She helped me especially with my breathing and kept me hydrated.  My husband was very thankful he didn't have to worry about anything, he was able to put all his effort on being by my side.  I had the best experience and wouldn't have changed a thing! – Karielle

Lauren was by my side the entire time, guiding me and encouraging me with the utmost confidence that I was a rock-star, that I was equipped to handle whatever this birth was going to throw at me. She was firm with me when I needed it, and gently encouraging when I needed that. She has an incredible instinct on how to guide a mother through this process while always keeping the end-goal (our beautiful little girl) in mind.  - Maggie

Welcome all new parents.  Being newly pregnant is exciting and scary all wrapped up into one.  I’m honored that you have found my page and invite you to take a look around and learn more about what I offer and what my past parents have experienced with me.

I’m a Traditional Labor Doula. I trained and certified in 2007 long before the days of social media and traditional media knowing what a Doula was. My trainers were the pioneers of the Doula movement.  The recent research on the benefits of having a trained traditional Labor Doula attending your birth stems from their hard work and knowledge which I have been blessed to have imparted on me.

When I first started this amazing work, the parents that found me dug deep and learned how and why they wanted a Doula. They were ready by the time they reached me.  Over the years and with the explosion through the media, social media, television and internet shows, more parents know of Doula but I find they are coming to me not really sure what the role of a Doula is or what they should be looking for or frankly why they should want a Doula.

I understand that today your choices are so immense that it can seem overwhelming. You’ve heard that one doula gives two prenatals and others gives three. Some doulas showcase  items they bring to your birth with them. There are so many childbirth educators offering classes with the prices ranging. The marketing is intense and can be extremely overwhelming.

I’m a traditionalist and coining the term. Hiring me means you are getting a Traditional Doula. I rely on my deep knowledge of the birthing process, the hospital system, my intuition and my hands. This is what I bring to your pregnancy and this is what I bring to your birth.

I cannot tell you why anyone else offers something I do not. I have a proven track-record of vaginal births, peaceful births with a low c-section rate over my entire career.

In the training that all Traditional Doulas received back in 2007 and earlier, we all learned massage techniques, labor positioning & relaxation mantras for the many varied situations that can arise during a labor and delivery. 

In addition to that training, my years of service bring immense and detailed knowledge of the hospital system and how best to help you navigate it before labor as well as during your labor and delivery.

My expertise has shown me that one properly designed prenatal and one proper education class followed up with experienced guidance throughout your pregnancy through phone sessions as you go to your medical visits and check in with me is the way to the birth that you are seeking. This may mean that we speak 5 times before you go into labor or it may mean we speak two times more. But my services are tailored to each individual that will always have their own specific needs along the way.

I do not bring a bag of tricks with me to your birth. I AM the bag of tricks. I will not upsell you on extra sessions to make you think you need something you do not or that you are getting something extra.  Birth is sacred, special, ancient, diverse, individual and I honor that by sticking to the basics.

I continually take education classes on all birth topics and new techniques so that I can offer a myriad of potential services to every client based on their own preferences and needs during their labor.  This may mean that for one couple I am using aroma therapy in their home during the beginnings of active labor, but for another couple I am reminding them of hypnobirthing, while another couple I am dancing around the home to music that you have chosen to help you focus or to remind you to stay calm. And it can even mean using none of these because this is not the kind of labor you resonate with.

Those little added tricks I can utilize, while always there, are meaningly and useless without my deep understanding of how to guide you through early labor and the early part of active labor with proper knowledge of how, when and why to suggest the proper positioning & massage techniques. And sometimes it’s knowing when to let go of all of the ideas you thought you had, that you told me you wished for and be ready to just work on the fly with you.

I’m going to take the time to listen to your hopes and dreams for your birth. I’m going to design with you options I think might work best for you and your partner based on our properly designed prenatal. But most of all, I’m going to be able to drop it all and do whatever it takes should you realize as your labor is progressing that you want and need something altogether different.

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