Lauren has a very calm way about her and we connected so easily, I knew she was the right person to join our "team".  Lauren was extremely helpful during the entire process and is very knowledgable.  I didn't have to think about anything other than getting through each contraction. She helped me especially with my breathing and kept me hydrated.  My husband was very thankful he didn't have to worry about anything, he was able to put all his effort on being by my side.  I had the best experience and wouldn't have changed a thing! – Karielle

For more than a decade I have dedicated myself to lowering intervention rates for my clients. I have consistently beaten the national statistics on the published disparities for marginalized as well as affluent communities.

My background is unique and as the saying goes, you should not judge a book by its cover. My passion for the work I do as a Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator was born from my experiences as a single woman who was struck with Vulvodynia in my 20's. It forever changed  the direction of my personal life as well as eventually my professional life. I understand what it is like to live underserved with lack of support from a young age. When no one was willing to discuss openly I came forward and ran a successful support site. I did it without focus groups and to much degree, against many doctors wishes. 

I found myself receiving messages from literally all over the world. I didn't know that there was a word for what I was doing, called advocating but I knew I was really good at it. I had huge NY Newspapers reaching out to write about me. Some magazines as well.  And I will never forget getting a knock on the door attending one of my first births as a Doula in NYC, and there stood a very famous OB who had heard I was on the floor, asking me if it was really me and letting me know she just wanted to meet me and shake my hand. 

As I stated, I know what it is like to to need support and have little of it and be living with a condition that interferes with your private life as well as professional life and abilities to financially support yourself. 

I was very lucky to meet a community minded acupuncturist who allowed me to barter for services which gave me a sense of dignity while also giving me the opportunity to heal from a very painful condition. And it is through that person, I learned about Doulas, when he and his wife became pregnant. I realized I could transfer my advocacy work to helping the pregnant community helping them realize that they had choices, and a voice and they did not have to feel unsupported.

I eventually began my journey, training back in 2007 with a pioneer in the field, who was a Doula before there was even one certification company. That was just the beginning for me. I continue to listen, to learn, at each birth, with each couple or single mother I work with and bring my experiences and lessons to the next birth.

My own journey began with me being a marginalized patient, who learned how to not only become empowered but to empower other women. 

I believe this is why I have been able to work with and for so many people in varying communities and backgrounds. 

Posted around my site are numerous testimonials from the people I have worked with over the years. I must admit, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to updating my site and I have not always posted the newer testimonials I have received and been asked to post. Please forgive me. My heart and soul is in attending births and educating about births, not web work. 

I am always delving into the newest studies and research and many other birth professionals reach out to me asking me to help them understand the newest research to better help them with their own clients. I will not only help you understand about the birth you are about to have, but will always walk with you through potentially confusing medical prenatals you are having, and helping you lower the fear factors that may arise. I believe it is possible to increase the positive communication between you and your chosen doctors and midwives and will show you that it does not have to be adversarial. 

There have been many changes over the years to the doula industry, but I remain the same person who knows what it feels like to be the patient needing a support system. I started NYC Doula Service many years ago under a different model, providing many new doulas. Over the years, I decided it was better and easier for me to focus on providing more personal one on one support on an individualized basis. I work closely with another very seasoned doula as her back up and as my back up. 

My doula services are tailored to each couple. This may mean we speak 5 times since our initial visit before you give birth. You are not a statistic and deserve individualized attention and support.

​I'm going to take the time to listen to your hopes and dreams for your birth. We are going to design together options that will work best for you and your partner and medical team.

I travel and accept all birthing clients within most budgets throughout NYC, Westchester, Northern NJ, and Nassau Co, New York.   Call me today to discuss your budget and book my services for your upcoming special day. 917-617-7905


Lauren was by my side the entire time, guiding me and encouraging me with the utmost confidence that I was a rock-star, that I was equipped to handle whatever this birth was going to throw at me. She was firm with me when I needed it, and gently encouraging when I needed that. She has an incredible instinct on how to guide a mother through this process while always keeping the end-goal (our beautiful little girl) in mind.  - Maggie

​Doula In New York, NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, & Westchester  


NYC Doula Service

"Integrity Builds Trust"

"Securing me as your Doula in New York will decrease your chances of being a statistic.​"

Doula Lauren has a long-standing successful record of working with families from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. This includes all definitions of families. Whether you are: Single parents, LBGTQ parents, HIV+ parents, Orthodox Jewish parents or expats from Germany, Australia, Israel, Bulgaria, Poland, or China, Doula Lauren will provide you with the best evidence and standards of care to achieve a beautiful safe birth.  

 Certified Professional Doula since 2007

Lauren gave me the confidence, strength and guidance I needed to successfully have my VBAC.  She was a calm pillar of support for both my husband and me during labor and thanks to her, I will forever hold the most wonderful memory of my daughter's birth. – Marsha

She helped me feel safe, supported, she gave me all the facts without any prejudice or judgment, her coping skills were my pain drugs, and when I thought I couldn't do it, she gave me the confidence & support i needed to push on. Elizabeth

As a first time mama I can't even formulate words describing how extremely supportive, resourceful and empathetic Lauren was during this rough patch in my pregnancy. She was everything that EVERY expecting mother needs, high risk pregnancy or not.- Tahniesha

With her calm and experienced manner, she led me through the hours of my early labor.  And when she arrived at my home, she became my birthing partner.  We two women together did numerous laboring techniques from her class -- while holding hands, both propped over a birthing ball, my arms draped over her shoulders. She fed me, she came into the restroom with me, she held my hair back while I vomited.  Most of all, she encouraged me and urged me onward with the calm but firm words she knew I needed to hear. Even in the throes of intense laboring and pushing, Lauren’s calm words in my ears brought me to a mental state that allowed me to complete a relatively quick and easy delivery. – Viravyne

I found her to have a calming effect on me. She was positive and optimistic. I will never forget her words, "your body is perfect". She was also very responsive and I could tell she was going to give me 100% of her attention when I needed it. That is why I chose Lauren. I could not have gone through labor without her. Her guidance  and encouragement helped me get through an unmedicated labor, most of which was spent at home. Her role was instrumental in my delivery. My family and I will always be grateful to her.- Kathy


Lauren is truly passionate about her job, remains on top of  scientific studies, and has the intelligence to make you feel confident in her hands. – Jen