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The research from the NIH (National Institute for Health) shows that having a skilled Doula not simply the desire for vaginal birth, "empowers a laboring mother to communicate her needs and perceptions and actualize her dream of a healthy, positive birth experience"

Why risk this day to an unskilled Doula when you can be assured of high-quality services designed to promote the best outcomes for mother and baby from a skilled experienced Doula?

"Only an experienced knowledgeable Doula and Educator will bring you beyond any research you can do that you spend hours and hours and months doing on your own.   I can explain the pitfalls. I have seen it. The reality is that I’ve seen many things over the last 10 years. I’ve seen women pushed into procedures because it’s policy and the politics of the hospital system rather than what the evidence provides. This is beyond the checklist of a birthplan. I’m going to teach you to advocate for yourselves and navigate the hospital and challenging system as it is now."- Doula Lauren

Whether or not you are a first-time mother, second-time mother or going for a VBAC, Lauren has the expertise and experience you need for this special day. In this current climate where the c-section rate is nearing 60% you only get one chance to get it right.

Doula Lauren has been attending births for more than 10 years and has attended over 130 births in almost every hospital in NYC. You can feel confident working with her for this very reason. Over the course of more than 10 years, her C-section rate has been under 5% with her clients.

"I provide comprehensive services to my clients.  I strongly believe in educating my clients as I work with them to achieve the best birth possible. This combination of experience and fees are unparalleled."

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Acupuncture with NYC Doula Service

Eulix is a L.Ac is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in New York, NY.  Her mission is to educate and empower people to take responsibility of their own health.  She seeks to help families achieve optimal health by balancing their physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives by using safe, gentle, and natural healing techniques. She has a family practice focusing on maternity care and pediatrics. 

NYC Doula Service is proud to refer our clients to Eulix for holistic prenatal care, including holistic "inductions", spinning breech babies, posterior presentations as well as helping to balance your body's chemistry during your pregnancy. Please use the Contact Us button to ask for more information on her Acupuncture services.

​Doula In New York, NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, & Westchester  


Experience Reliability Accountability 

Doula Lauren

Lauren is a Certified Labor Doula through DONA International, an Experienced Childbirth Educator,  a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and Certified Hypnobirthing Doula.  Lauren holds a BA in Communications from Hunter College/City University of New York.

Over the course of her 10 years of practice as a Certified Labor Doula, her overall c-section rate is less than 5%. Her dedication is unparalleled. While she guarantees back-up service, she has missed only 2 births in her entire career, and continues her dedication to her own clients as well as attending births for her colleagues. 

She has years of both holistic healthcare counseling and teaching experience as a Reiki Master.

Lauren has experience with hospital births, home births and VBAC's/HBAC's and twin births.

Early on in her career Lauren mentored many newer Doulas. Some have gone on to open their own practices, modeling what they learned with Lauren. Imitation is as they say, the best form of flattery.

Today, Lauren is a solo-practitioner who is highly dedicated to you, your birth, your desires, with the strongest ethical values and dedication you will find anywhere.

She has taken continuing education classes in Pharmacology in pregnancy, labor and birth, Perinatal Mood Disorders, Babywearing/Cloth Diapering, Rebozo Techniques, CPR and Hypnobirthing. She is Certified from the American Heart Association in adult, child and infant CPR AED.  Her C-section rate is under 5%.

Lauren is available in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn (Northern), Nassau County, & Westchester County, NY

​​email: or call 917-617-7905 to book Doula Lauren!

NYC Doula Service


DONA Certified Professional Doula since 2007

Alexa Drew Photography is a Manhattan based photographer specializing in newborns and families.  Alexa is known for her gentle approach and ability to capture both those subtle details of your baby's lips and skin, as well as that indescribable energy pulsating throughout a family when a new baby is welcomed home.

Alexa Drew's sessions occur in her client's homes between 3 and 10 days after birth so Mom, Dad, Baby, and Siblings all feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entirety of the shoot.  At the end of her sessions, most clients will say "Wow, I didn't expect that to actually be fun" and big brothers or sisters will ask why the play date is over so soon.  Alexa makes sure to always create a relaxed and enjoyable environment during her sessions to ensure the most real and emotional moments can be captured.

Doula Packages  

I offer one- three prenatal visits to each couple that signs with me for Labor Doula Services. Parents choose from the following options:

All Doula services include one comprehensive prenatal, unlimited calls and emails, 24/7 on call services from week 38-42 of your pregnancy, attending your labor through delivery, and a follow-up postpartum visit,

If you would like to include comprehensive childbirth classes an additional visit will be added to your services. A third visit can also be added to your services to include a "What's the fuss about Vaccines?" class. ( *I am neither pro or anti-vaccine. Many new parents have been asking for evidence based info which I am now providing with non-judgmental support for either side of the topic.)

Childbirth classes and the vaccine class can be purchased separately for those not choosing Doula services.  

Package 1- Doula Services with one prenatal session.

Package 2- Doula Services and Childbirth Class (2 visits)

Package 3- Doula Services and Childbirth Class +  (3 visits)

Postnatal Reiki can be added to your postpartum visit for an additional $85 at the time of signing contract.

Also available are Skype or phone Birth Information sessions.  The fee for this services is $100/hr prepaid via PayPal.  This service is a great option for the second time parent(s) wishing for a refresher session or those who live outside of New York, NY.

For more information about the cost of hiring a Doula please click here.

WHY HIRE Doula Lauren for your special day?

  • non-judgemental support
  • 10 years working experience
  • evidence based approach
  • comfort plus information
  • ​confidence that is unparalled
  • ​lowest c-section rate 
  • highly skilled
  • highest professionalism, returns your calls quickly
  • highest rate of birth attendance - more than 99% rate of attendance. (I have proper back-up but almost never have to send.)
  • ​VBAC experience
  • advanced maternal age experience
  • ​first-time mothers
  • ​LGBTQ friendly
  • single mothers
  • ​anxiety disorder experience
  • epidural friendly
  • natural birth friendly
  • I travel anywhere in Manhattan, Queens, Nassau County, Northern Brooklyn, Bronx, Lower Westchester, and parts of Connecticut.