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She is beyond worth it!
 - Rachelle W 



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Call to schedule your prenatal with experienced Doula Lauren, for your birth in December 2017- May 2018. 917-617-7905. Check out the page "About Our Doula Lauren", for the different available options for services that fit your individual needs. 

Doula Lauren is the best! I was a true skeptic; a non believer; and it is NOT easy to change my mind. However, her work spoke for itself and she completely changed my mind.

                                                  - Charles Pizzolo

She is the best of the best, plain and simple.
​                                     - Niki S, (Doula Lauren)
If you are pregnant hire her. Hire her now!
                               - Rachel E. 
Doula customer in New York, NY

Late Hire Special:

(limited availability for the following time period)

If your due date is anytime before and up to October 6, 2017, Doula Lauren is offering a reduced fee for Labor Doula Services. These late hire services include one prenatal visit, on-call 24/7 services, birth attendance, and one postnatal visit and guaranteed experienced back-up Doula services.

Lauren is available to help you have the birth you desire, with proper comfort measures, information and physical support anywhere in the New York City area including Westchester and Nassau Counties, New York.

Her VBAC success rate is 99% and her over all c-section rate within her 10 years of service is under 5%. 

Bookings for December births are still available but are almost full. Bookings for January are still open with a few slots left.

Call 917-617-7905 or hit the Contact button at the top of this page to inquire about how Doula Lauren can help you have an amazing birth.

​​​Doula In New York, NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, & Westchester 

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