Certified Professional Doula since 2007

She is beyond worth it!
 - Rachelle W 

If you live or will be birthing in Manhattan, Queens, Westchester or Nassau Co. I am available to attend your birth. I also take clients in some areas of Brooklyn.

*I have serviced these areas since 2007 and have missed only two births in my entire career due to attending another birth.

Late Hire Special:

(limited availability)

If your due date is less than a week or two away and you have not hired a Doula yet Doula Lauren may be available for your birth.

All bookings must be fully paid via Venmo or Paypal at the time of hire. Services include birth attendance only, with no in-person prenatal and one postnatal visit. Call for rates. Contract and payment must be signed and paid for before showing up to attend your birth.

​​​Doula In New York, NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, & Westchester 

Availability For Your Birth


Call to schedule your prenatal with experienced Doula Lauren, for your birth. 917-617-7905. Check out the page "About Our Doula Lauren", for more information on working with Doula Lauren. 


Doula Lauren is the best! I was a true skeptic; a non believer; and it is NOT easy to change my mind. However, her work spoke for itself and she completely changed my mind.

                                                  - Charles Pizzolo

She is the best of the best, plain and simple.
​                                     - Niki S, (Doula Lauren)
If you are pregnant hire her. Hire her now!
                               - Rachel E. 

"Lauren has a soothing demeanor a calming voice and outgoing personality. She is an amazing individual who is highly educated in her field of expertise; and the knowledge you'll receive from Lauren is incomparable." – Rasheeda