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Cat Sitting Services


 Certified Professional Doula since 2007

By appointment. Call for rates.

As a long time cat owner and lover who has taken care of numerous cats for 36 years, I offer cat sitting services in lower Westchester and the surrounding areas. These services include:

  • feeding and hydrating daily
  • cleaning the litter
  • taking in the mail - turning on and off lights to help give appearance you are home
  • administering daily medications if applicable, including giving subcutaneous fluids and shots
  • administer Reiki ( if the pet will allow)

I also travel to help " Feline Doula" your kitty for health needs. My years of experience researching medical materials for human birth clients, has allowed me to offer services to pet parents who may be facing some medical challenges for their cats. 

I will help you identify the health concern by

  • asking the right questions of your Vet
  • understand the medications you are using 
  • either administer the medications for you or teach you how to do so until you are comfortable
  • providing medical referrals for emergency care at more affordable prices