Certified Professional Doula since 2007

You will learn how to ask the right questions and advocate for yourself as new parents. She combines and teaches the best comfort measures of the three most popular methods, Bradley, Lamaze and Hypnobirthing techniques.

"We were amazed by your loving and supportive presence during the labor and birth of our son. It is such a special gift to have such positive memories of our birth experience, and we will be forever grateful for your contribution to this most special event. – Michelle"

What's The Fuss About Vaccines? (*I understand this is a hot topic and controversial but many parents have been writing to me privately asking for more information. Therefore I put together a class to help those parents who would like more information without social stigma and pressure of asking questions on social media. I keep my opinions out of the topic and present the information.)

Are you confused about all the new vaccines and the schedules for your newborn and toddler?

What do you know about vaccines?

What has your Pediatrician discussed with you about vaccines?

What are your rights as parents?

This two-hour session will teach you all the basic information on evidence and how and what goes into the vaccines so you can make the right choices for you and your new family.

*Please note that you will not be told what to think or what choices to make.


Please call 917-617-7905 or email Lauren@nycdoulaservice.com to set up your session today

February 2015

Hi, Lauren! It's Nicole Vasquez. Just wanted to let u know that I gave birth to my beautiful boy this morning at 6:34am at St. Luke's birthing center. It was all natural (not one drug!) and absolutely looooong! (I started early labor Sunday) But I pushed through and we are all fine and healthy! Thanks so much for all the info you gave us. I used many of your techniques and you were sooo right when u said the squatting was every Mama's least fave move bc god knows I DID NOT want to do it, but it worked as did breathing through the lip and the one leg up birth move! Here are some pics. Much love to you! xx

"Thanks so much! Your class was amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!xx"

Additional Childbirth Classes

*Call for rates 917-617-7905

Vbac preparation - This class is best for parents who are not pregnant yet but want more information on VBACs to help make choices about choosing TOLAC or repeat C-section. 

Refresher Childbirth Class - This class is for second and third-time parents.

Prenatal Guidance Sessions - This option is great for those who would like to explore more about what a Doula is and how and if bringing this Birth Professional into your labor room is right for you.  It is available online via Video sessions through Skype and is a great option for any pregnant couple in any State in the United States. You can also utilize this service for help with your own unique and specific questions you have developed during your prenatal sessions with your Doctors and learn how to create a better relationship with them.

Childbirth Classes in New York

First-time parents to be: Are you looking for more support in the pregnancy and birthing process?

Doula Lauren is a Seasoned Doula and Childbirth Educator?  🙂

"I have developed my own curriculum based on my hands-on working knowledge of the industry from the inside.

Working in almost every hospital in NYC and Nassau Co has given me a unique view and insight into best case practices and I can show you what you need to know to achieve the safest birth outcomes.

To book your private education class that encompasses all the evidenced-based topics you need to know to secure a more positive birth experience call 917-617-7905. The class is designed to allow proper time for processing the new information and to develop your own set of unique questions and present them to me to help answer in two separate sessions. Each class is 3hrs long totaling 6 hrs.

I make payment easy by accepting Venmo."

Global Class fee : $400 per couple (for 6hrs)
[Sliding scale fee available to couples whose combined income is $30K or less with proof of income.]

​​​​Childbirth Classes and Doula In New York, NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, & Westchester