Pregnancy and Birth Services


 Certified Professional Doula since 2007

  • Attend Your Birth (Includes prenatal visit, individualized care throughout your pregnancy, on-call/birth, postpartum visit)
  • Comprehensive Childbirth Education Classes 

     "Lauren is a superb resource for parents who want REAL childbirth ed that can actually help them deal with a hospital birth! " - Midwife         Lorri Carr  

  • VBAC Preparation Classes
  • Refresher Childbirth Classes (for second and third time parents)
  • Prenatal Guidance Sessions (for parents who would like to learn more about Doulas & birth to help decide if Doula services are right for them. You will learn how to interview a Doula that meets your needs as well as how to conduct prenatal conversations with your medical practitioners to ensure you are the right fit. These are available via phone or Skype/Facetime and can be booked in one hour sessions.) 
  • Reiki - ( pregnancy relaxation sessions, healing attunements, Level I & II attunements, house cleansings, Reiki for cats & dogs)Type your paragraph here.