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A site by an award-winning science-journalist filled with good information about pregnancy, childbirth, and a baby's first year of life. (And I'm proud to say I know Jennifer through social media a very long time and find her to be a wealth of knowledge and support.)

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Eulix Vargas  is a L.Ac is a licensed and board certified acupuncturist in New York, NY.  Her mission is to educate and empower people to take responsibility of their own health.  She seeks to help families achieve optimal health by balancing their physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives by using safe, gentle, and natural healing techniques. She has a family practice focusing on maternity care and pediatrics. 

NYC Doula Service is proud to refer our clients to Eulix for holistic prenatal care, including holistic "inductions", spinning breech babies, posterior presentations as well as helping to balance your body's chemistry during your pregnancy. Please use the Contact Us button to ask for more information on her Acupuncture services.

​Doula In New York, NY, Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, & Westchester 

Alexa Drew Photography is a Manhattan based photographer specializing in newborns and families.  Alexa is known for her gentle approach and ability to capture both those subtle details of your baby's lips and skin, as well as that indescribable energy pulsating throughout a family when a new baby is welcomed home.

Alexa Drew's sessions occur in her client's homes between 3 and 10 days after birth so Mom, Dad, Baby, and Siblings all feel comfortable and at ease throughout the entirety of the shoot.  At the end of her sessions, most clients will say "Wow, I didn't expect that to actually be fun" and big brothers or sisters will ask why the play date is over so soon.  Alexa makes sure to always create a relaxed and enjoyable environment during her sessions to ensure the most real and emotional moments can be captured.

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